Smoking Fakes Requests

If you have any requests to see any particular woman smoking you've come to the right place. I have been brushing up on my Photoshop skills as of lately. I have made some fakes in the past of several
women that don't smoke.
I tend to go for women that you would probably never see smoking but also I do fake others that have smoked but on rare occasion. Some of the Celebs that I have faked include these women.
Cote de Pablo Smoking, Pamela Anderson Smoking, Pamela Anderson Drag, Sandra Bullock Smoking, Sarah Palin Smoking,Alyssa Milano Smoking,Angelina Jolie Smoking, Heather Locklear Smoking, Samantha Anderson Smoking and many more.
I will be adding some of these pics in the near future and setting up a "fakes" page. Hope to see you
back to check them out and leave feedback or give me requests.
I will try to get back to you as quickly as possible
PS a Sample of Cote de Pablo Smoking an all White!!!

Another woman that I'd like to see smoking is Robin Meade. I've seen some people do a few fake Robin Meade smoking pictures and some of them look really convincing. I guess the whole thing with the fake smoking pictures is the girls that you will never see smoking their pictures are going to be a lot better. If there are no smoking pictures of that person smoking then they are a lot more popular.
Here is a Very Nice picture of Carrie Underwood Smoking. I have always wanted to see a pic of Carrie Underwood Smoking a Cigarette and I finally found one. I think it is pretty rare to find a picture of her smoking have looked around but yet to find very many. My next venture is to find a good video or movie that has Carrie Underwood smoking but not sure if we will ever be able to see that :(
Another really sexy smoker is Mila Kunis. I have seen a few movies that Mila Kunis has smoked in but not too many. Here is a pic of Mila Kunis Smoking a Cigarette in a bar. Not sure if Mila is a smoker IRL but would be hot if she was. Here is the Mila Kunis Smoking picture.
The thought of Sarah Palin Smoking a Cigarette is just amazing. She is super beautiful. I came across this great picture of Sarah Palin Smoking a cigarette. Sarah Palin Smokes and Exhales in this picture and makes it look really good. This is one of only a few Sarah Palin smoking pictures I have ever seen on the net.
Very Hot Actress Cote De Pablo Smoking a Cigarette. Well Cote is just holding the cigarette in this pic but thats enough for me as she is just gorgeous. I know that Cote De Pablo smoked in the movie The Last Rites of Ransom Pride. I have never seen the movie but I don't think the smoking scenes are very good from a review I read.