Saturday, December 14, 2013

Photobucket Sexy Smoking Women

A lot of Attractive Girls Smoke

It's always a little shocking to see a really attractive woman dig into her purse only to pull out a pack of cigarettes. A lot of times I'll see a girl with pearly white teeth and great skin lighting up and thinking how is this possible. I guess some are probably social smokers and rarely smoke unless they are out drinking or whatever. It does make me wonder whether some people are just better at hiding their habit appearance wise.

Another Cigarette Smoking Webmix

Pierced Girl Smoking before a Rock Show

Nothing beats a Blonde with a Cigarette

Friend's Mom in 2 Piece Bikini Smoking on the Boat

Your Friend's mom lights up a cigarette when you are out on the lake. She's looking hot with her 2 piece bikini and that Marlboro light in her mouth. Got to make it look like you aren't staring too much but for some reason you can't take your eyes off of her.

Tattooed Blonde Beauty Smoking a Cigarette in a Wicker Chair