Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pretty Girl Smokers

Have you ever stepped into a bar or nightclub and seen a beautiful woman light her cigarette and thought that it was the sexiest thing you had ever seen. A lot of new smoking laws and bans have made short work of this scenario which is a big hit to the smoking fetishist.
I used to enjoy being at a certain club and scanning the room for the hottest smoking babes. Usually about 50% or more of the girls smoked and I'm being conservative on that guess its probably more like 70%. The thing is ever since the new bans there are very few places that you will even see any girls getting to smoke indoors.
I know that some smaller bars allow it and places that are outside of the City ordinances but this has made it to where people don't even have the simple freedoms of choice anymore. If you don't like smoking and can't deal with it maybe you should go to another bar or club where it is banned. Not everyone should have to suffer because of a few peoples opinions.

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